Ask Your Doctor How To Avoid Painful Packing Removal After Sinus Surgery

If you need sinus surgery, ask your doctor about Medtronic's nasal packing. Our MeroGel® and MeroPack® products dissolve within a few weeks, so there’s no need to endure the painful removal of traditional nasal packing.

Why You Need Nasal Packing After Sinus Surgery
There are four primary reasons that doctors use nasal packing following sinus surgeries:

  1. In most sinus surgeries, the doctor is removing obstructions that block sinus openings. Your doctor will insert temporary nasal packing to help support structures in your nose and maintain the newly opened airways while your sinuses heal.
  2. There can be some minimal bleeding following surgery, so nasal packing helps absorb the draining blood.
  3. Moist wounds heal faster than dry wounds. Nasal packing and dressing help keep the wound at the surgical site moist, decreasing healing time.
  4. Therapeutic materials can be applied to the surgical wound to decrease healing time. Some nasal packings contain naturally occurring chemicals that help your body heal faster.

The Difference Between Dissolvable and Removable Nasal Packing
Sinus surgeons can use either traditional removable or more modern dissolvable nasal packing after surgery. Both kinds of packing absorb blood and support structures in your nose while your sinuses heal. Removable nasal packing, however, must be taken out of your nose during a follow-up appointment after surgery. This removal can be very painful because the healing tissue is disturbed as the nasal packing is removed. Dissolvable nasal packing goes away after a few weeks, eliminating the need for removal.

Why Medtronic's Nasal Packing Improves Healing Time
Not only do our MeroGel® and MeroPack® nasal packing products eliminate the pain for painful packing removal, but they also include a therapeutic material called hyaluronic acid that helps sinus wounds heal faster. This material helps keep the wound moist, reduce adhesions (scarring), and decrease healing time.1 Doctors who use Medtronic's MeroGel packing have observed better healing in clinical studies.1,2

MeroGel® Dissolvable Nasal Packing Results in Fewer Adhesions
A randomized, multicenter, prospective, controlled, blinded study shows that use of MeroGel® results in fewer adhesions at both 4 and 12 weeks post-op.1



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Last update: 1 October 2010

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